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Jack's Well

Released October 15th 2020

"Confirms McClure as one of the most exciting children's writers working in Scotland today."

- Ross Sayers, author of Sonny and Me, Mary's the Name and Daisy on the Outer Line

Jack's Well is a coming-of-age novel that flickers between a troubled adolescent's recovery journal, and a series of world-famous fantasy children's novels. Jack Wilde inhabits both worlds and is torn between them as he comes to terms with his fame, his complicated relationship with his dad, the loss of his mum and a relentless bullying campaign online and at school.

"Clever and captivating. Jack's Well is an original and beautifully written story of one boy's search for clarity and kindness in a world - or worlds - beyond his control."

- Joan Haig, author of Tiger Skin Rug

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The Choices of Molly Fortune

Imagine a school with no adults, where children choose what they learn and how they learn it assisted by mindblowing holograms and incredible technology. This is where ten-year-old Molly Fortune finds herself, with no recollection of how she got there. Caught in the incredible world of The Woods, she is dazzled and overwhelmed, but quickly comes to question just what it is she is supposed to be doing here. Even the guidance of Pan, her Personal Action Navigator, seems only to lead to mystery and confusion. Will Molly unlock the dark secrets of The Woods? Will she ever be reunited with her mother? And what will happen when the world outside comes crashing in on Molly and her friends?

“McClure’s writing is vivid and intensely imaginative (...) A dystopian fairytale with elements of science fiction and fantasy – at heart about loyalty, friendship and a healthy suspicion of authority. The book makes obvious the talents of McClure as a writer of substance.” Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon reviewer

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