Alan has self-published two collections of poetry:

Ross Bay and Other Poems (2011).  Available here through Blurb.

Alternative Endings and Other Poems (2013).  Available here through Amazon.

Both collections feature cover paintings by Alan’s brother Ewan, more of whose work can be found here.

Alan has also had poetry published in Poetry Scotland, the Green Review and Corporate Watch’s 10th anniversary volume.


“Alan McClure writes from the heart.   Passionate, lovely poems. He also writes from the head. Political, intelligent observations. Whatever content he chooses, there is always careful technical shaping and crafting. This is an exciting young writer, well worth listening to.”  Liz Niven 

“Alan McClure's songs and poems are always finely crafted and deeply felt. He's an artist who cares, with much to say about the intimate detail of things, but also wider issues of social and political concern - always approaching his subject matter with an original eye. His performance style is relaxed and engaging. Most certainly a talent to watch.”  Chrys Salt, MBE

‘Alan McClure is a multi-talentit force o natuir! Ah’ve lang bin impressed bi the stellar word-play in his poems an sangs. He hus that rare ability tae be able tae compose serious lyric poetry – but alsae mix this wi satire/humour an licht-hairtit verse - that touches the hairt, an the heid. His song-writing skills bear comparison wi ony o the ‘big name’ songwriters warkin in Scotland today; his songs, meticulously crafted, combine stunningly clever an witty lyrical construction wi strong melodies that deal wi aa the universal themes that affect the human condition. Alan McClure hus a loat tae say – an he’s sayin it! Mair pouer tae him!’  Rab Wilson


The Oak

Fractal, grasping monarch, crowned
in acorns, shaking brittle leaves
defiant, vibrant, clothed in colours,
housing hidden thousands
in branch and bark

Six hundred years
of vernal tempests weathered
amidst a twisting landscape,
field to forest to field, unfettered
it bulks and bends

Above, below, soil split like sky
roots sinuous and firm, earth’s anchor
clutching bedrock, breaking ground
this growing, seething world
of writhing wood

Collides with time. Its opposite,
an instant, a branching furious flash
from fist-shaken clouds
crashes and is gone –
the oak erupts

Catastrophe! The fleeting sky
has wrought a harsh revenge
in smoke and licking flame
red leaves, brown leaves,
blacken, burn

Till sheeting rain cascades
And quells the startling shadows
The oak, unbowed, absorbs another scar
One blackened ring amidst
Concentric strength.

Contact:  Alan can be contacted for bookings or commissions, at:  48 Catherine Street, Gatehouse of Fleet DG7 2JB   alanmcclure70@hotmail.com   Tel: 07496181254


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